Doosan Puma 2000SY Machining Center

Multi Axis CNC Turning

Our Twin spindle Multi Axis Doosan PUMA 2000SY Turning Centre combined with live tooling allows us to complete parts all on one operation. This high performance turning centre features first and second spindle that have the same power and capacity, with upper turret on a ground box type bed. Simultaneous machining on two faces with both spindles and turrets and virtual realization of Y-axis function will optimize cycle times. Because machining operations are completed in one setup we offer higher quality parts at lower costs.

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Precision Machining

Kupke Metal Works Inc. specializes in precision CNC turning and CNC milling. Our CNC turning abilities are highly advanced and we are able to offer highly specialized CNC turning where all the operations are completed with one set up.In addition our facility is equipped traditional machine shop equipment allowing us greater machining flexibility. Which ever method we choose to manufacture your parts you can be sure that each machining operation is planned and the finished product is inspected to ensure it conforms to your specifications the first time.

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Consult, Plan, Design, Prototype

Talk to Kupke Metal Works Inc. in the early stages of your design. Our many years of manufacturing expertise means we are ready and willing to assist your company at any stage of your product development process. We aim to provide invaluable knowledge to assist and help determine the best possible manufacturing/machining method.


Lastly, Kupke Metal Works Inc. offers assembly services, welding, repairs, post production finishing, and prides themselves on making delivery on time every time!

Our Equipment

  • HAAS VF-6 4axis CNC milling center
  • HAAS VF-2 4axis CNC milling center
  • DOOSAN puma 2000SY 4axis CNC turning center
  • First mill
  • Microweily lathe
  • Chevalier surface grinder
  • Sunnen honing machine
  • T.I.G. welder
  • Millwright